The action of cleaning the Goražde fortress was completed on April 25, 2022

The NGO Naša Akcija and the Youth Team Tivat jointly implemented the cleaning action of Goražda today. This activity was held in celebration of Earth Day. A considerable amount of waste was collected on the Goražde plateau and in the fortress itself. We would like to thank our friend Marjan Šantić of our NGO for the loan of a large fire ladder so that we could clean the inside of the dome, and a special thank you goes to the president of the Mirac MH, Olja Vujaš, who, together with a large number of citizens of this MH, went to the field and helped in the action.
The action was implemented with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy and the Tourist Organization of Kotor.


Goražde fortress cleaning action

As today is Earth Day, and bad weather conditions have been announced, we decided to mark this significant day for the second time this year, this time with the action of cleaning the Goražde fortress, which is located on the way to Njeguši.
We organize this event in cooperation with @omladinski_tim_tivat, under the auspices of the European Endowment for Democracy and Departure from Podgorica is scheduled at 7.30am. The action starts at 9.30. Reservations for places from Podgorica, Cetinje and Budva are in DM!


Career Info Corner

The NGO Our Action started the “Career Info Corner” project, which aims to improve advocacy for the employability of young people from vulnerable (NEET) groups.
We are implementing the “Career Info Corner” project in two Montenegrin municipalities, Podgorica and Kotor.
WB&T for #EmploYouth project
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with the support of the European Union 🇪🇺.


Cleaning campaign for Earth Day, 16.04.2022

Today, a young team of volunteers from Our Action, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Youth Team, went to the location of the parish in Tivat on the occasion of Earth Day. With the support of the Tivat Municipal Company, DVD Tivat and the Protection Service, we cleaned the entire coast of this location from plastic waste, and then cleaned the path and the approach part of the park from trees felled by leeches that spent the winter there. There was a lot of work, although a large part was cleaned, another action is planned in May, in order to finish the activity, which was of a very large scale. We thank all volunteers and services! A wonderful but very difficult action that we successfully overcame with our joint efforts.
This activity is supported by the Municipality of Tivat, TO Tivat, Porto Montenegro and through the support of the European endowment for democracy.


From handball to entrepreneurship, Kotor, April 10, 2022

The young people of the NGO Naša Akcija and the Tivat Youth Team had the opportunity to learn about many life experiences, as well as to hang out with the famous handball players, Sonja Barjaktarović and Marija Jovanović, in the premises of the Kotor Youth Club. The workshop on the topic “From handball to entrepreneurship” gave young people the opportunity to learn more about handball, the role of sports in life and business, and many other interesting topics. We sincerely thank our lionesses for their time and desire for our youth to be successful in their further life journey.💛❤️
This activity is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.


Visit of the nursing home in Bijelo Polje

Today we toured the north of Montenegro and on that occasion visited the “Bijelo Polje” nursing home, to which we handed over donations collected from citizens from Podgorica, Kotor, Tivat, Danilovgrad. We would like to thank everyone for their donations. This was the last humanitarian activity for 2021.
We continue in the same spirit with new ideas and activities.
Join us! Together we change the community for the better.💛
Team Our Action.


Green zone for kids and retiree

Hardworking, kids, volunteers

Detail from action


NGO Our Action with its youth volunteers provided the support to the project “Green zone for kids and seniors”.  We added to the activity our handmade recycled furniture  – wooden benches as well as our supplies of tire figures (Minion, a well,  flower pots), and helped with the heavy physical work.

Using this opportunity we also took pictures, set up and opened the eight small library on open in Montenegro. This was a truly excellent initiative of the tenants under the leadership of Ana Ponos. Congratulations to all.  We are glad to be able to jump in and help in this community on the boulevard of Ivana Crnojevica in Podgorica. You can wisit our facebook page here and there you can find more images and report from montenegro local tv station here.