Project “StroNGO”

In December 2015, the project STRONGO Developing stronger civil society in Boka Kotorska was approved. The project was approved thru the program European union IPA 2014 Civil Society Facility Montenegro.

The leading partner in the project is NGO Expeditio, while the rest of the 4 partner from the Boka Bay are: NGO “Our action” from Kotor, NGO “Urban Nova” from Herceg Novi, Cultural-heritage organization “Napredak” from Gornja Lastva, Tivat and NGO “Agora” from Budva. The project will last 35 months.


Project “Eco colony 2018”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

For the eighth year in a row, the Eco-colony is organized under the leadership of the non-governmental organization EKO-ZH, the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Cultural and Historical Heritage of Western Herzegovina. This year, for the first time as a partner organization through RYCO (Regional Youth Cooperation Organization) project, eco colony volunteers and artists from Montenegro joined the project, under the leadership of NGO Our action from Kotor.

Past achievements from the previous colonies were accompanied by an exhibition and a catalog, which is witnessed by successful cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, ALU Banja Luka, Dzemal Bijedic University, ALU Osijek, FLU Belgrade and ALU Siroki Brijeg.

This year’s art colony foresees the participation of young people from several countries. The colony program envisages camping on Blidinje, in Risovac, from June 3 – 10, 2018. Each participant is required to paint 2 pictures, and this year’s theme is Blidinje landscape. The program includes lectures in the field of fine arts, art history, psychology, and environmental protection.

The Eco-colony itself is of international character with the aim of promoting art, protecting the environment and heritage, as well as the multiethnic cooperation of young people. The project lasts for 6 months and activities and exhibitions are planned in Montenegro.

Project Y O U t h D r i v e – Program for raising awareness on proper waste management and empowering legislators for taking action

The EKO ZH Association and NGO Our action deal with issues of attitudes towards nature and environmental protection, and as such they try to act and make the necessary progress in society. Nature protection processes in the broadest sense require a systematic approach that needs to be defined in a proper, logically related, way. Following this, we created the project Y O U t h D r i v e, which was recognized by the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a quality project that can create positive change in society, and which was supported financially through the Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro Cross-Border Cooperation Program. The Y O U t h D r i v e project – Program for raising awareness on proper waste management and empowering legislators for taking action aims to create a situation where cross-border coordination and joint activities improve the management and energy efficiency of local water supply systems, as well as wastewater and solid waste management system . Therefore, together with intensive public promotion and raising awareness of the need for the above, the project Y O U t h D r i v e strives to achieve a greater degree of protection and conservation of nature.

The project covers the area of the West Herzegovina County (Grude, Ljubuški, Posušje, Široki Brijeg) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the area of the Bay of Kotor (Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor) in Montenegro. All seven communities that will participate in the implementation of the project by one name are the Project Area.

The time frame of the project is from 15.11.2019. to 15.05.2021. years. and it will be implemented in parallel throughout the Project Area during all 18 months of implementation.

The total value of the project is EUR 279,200.48.