About us

NGO “Our Action” was established in 2012 as a non-governmental organization whose general goal is the development of citizens’ awareness and their inclusion in the social, economic, ecological and cultural development of society, the quality of life of citizens and the local community as a whole. The goals of the organization are planned to be achieved through the strengthening of volunteerism and civic activism, with a focus on young people. The organization consists of activists with many years of experience in organizational leadership, youth work, volunteerism, activism, non-formal education, and work in the civil sector.


Mission of the organization:


– Designing, organizing, coordinating humanitarian and other actions together with local governments and citizens in local communities, other organizations and businesses.

– Linking and networking NGOs in order to implement joint projects of relevance to the community and beyond.

– Inclusion of as many citizens as possible of all ages and commitments in the implementation of working actions.

– Developing human resources through actions, communication, working together and achieving goals in local communities.

– Education of citizens on economic and social problems and ways of their overcoming, development of rural areas, ecology and the need to preserve cultural goods.

– Organizing workshops, seminars and similar educational events with the aim of improving the development of awareness of the importance and necessity of civic activism, as well as the changing paradigm and stigma of the community.

– Publication of printed and electronic material in order to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.

– Improving the position of youth, working with young people, informal education, improving youth policy, and the focus on their individual development.

– Encouraging the mobility of young people, their participation in the community through volunteerism, networking, applying for training and informal types of education.

– Provision of expert and advisory services, leadership, resource and other services to representatives of other non-governmental organizations, the public sector and economic entities for strengthening their projects and activities.

– Strengthening community awareness of their influence, role and responsibilities in the development of the values ​​of civil society, sustainable development of the environment and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

– Encouraging the economic development of the country, with an emphasis on the sustainable development of specific local communities, taking into account the specificity of the local potential.

– Development of human resources through linking and directing existing human resources, and incorporating marginalized groups of society.