You can support our activities by making a donation.

You can read here how we use our donations to work on our projects. We managed to achieve a lot with very little. How? By working with a team of highly skilled and dedicated youth who give their time for the common good. We design creative projects that require little to moderate funding, but have a big environmental and social impact. We provide youth with education, quality time, life skills, support and development advise, and teach them how to be proactive, consciences citizens with a focus on ecology and holistic approaches. Our finances are transparent and posted on our webpage (  

  • Are you an organization willing to contribute to NGO Our action projects as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program? Please contact us.
  • Are you an individual willing to contribute to NGO Our action projects? Every euro counts! Even small donation do help us achieve our goals.

 Simply transfer the amount you wish to donate to our bank, to our local account via online transfer or bank voucher, to our international account via bank transfer, or via PayPal account.   

National bank account: 

  • Bank name: NLB Banka A.D. Podgorica
  • Beneficiary name: NVO NASA AKCIJA
  • Account number: 530-0000000022112-25

International bank account:

  • Bank name: NLB Banka A.D. Podgorica
  • Beneficiary name: NVO NASA AKCIJA
  • Address: N. N. Skaljari E-24, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro
  • IBAN number: ME25530005120005464834
  • Swift code: MNBAMEPG

Montenegro does not as of yet have PayPal services, however our director set up a PayPal account for our organization.  You can make your donation via Patricia Pobric ( or we can send you a request from this account.

Please send us your email address or postal address with a reference to your payment and the name of the project you wish you support, so we can send you a donation certificate for tax deductions (valid in certain countries).  Our email address is: