Volunteer of the Year Awards

We are proud to present our volunteers/heroes of the year:

  1. Nina Marković with 56 activities completed.❗
  2. Dejana Vujković with 54 activities completed.❗
  3. Milica Ružić with 37 activities completed ❗
  4. Andrija Drobnjak with 23 activities completed.❗
    If we multiply the minimum of 4 hours by one activity, the average hours spent volunteering: 224h❗
    We congratulate them all individually from the bottom of our hearts and thank them for their dedication, will and desire to improve their personal abilities, as well as a nice companionship during the year 2021❗ We want the others to join us in the diverse activities that we offer in our organization. Come to hang out and work on yourself💛


Humanitarna akcija prikupljanja stvari za JU Dom starih “Bijelo Polje”

Dragi svi, NVO Naša akcija organizuje humanitarnu akciju prikupljanja stvari za JU Dom starih “Bijelo Polje”. Potrebne su im sledeće stvari, sa akcentom na pelene za odrasle (M i L veličina) zatim trenerke, čarape, prsluci, kućne papuče, sredstva za higijenu, pidžame, veš, ćebad, posteljina, jastučnice…Lokacija prikupljanja : Njegoševa br.9, Podgorica (kancelarija NVO Naša Akcija)Lokacija na primorju će biti dodatno najavljena.Pridružite se akciji i olakšajmo našim starima život💛👋Akcija traje do 30. decembra kada ćemo im lično uručiti donaciju.


How to travel cheaply and safely

On Thursday, December 23, starting at 19.00, we are organizing a workshop “How to travel cheaply (for free) and easily” in the premises in Podgorica, Njegoševa no. 9We will look at why you should travel, what are the benefits of travel and the like. The workshop will be led by Vuk Koljenšić. Applications are in DMO. This workshop is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy


“DEAL4EU”. Deal4eu: Youth Ambassators for European Green Deal

Last weekend we had the opportunity to participate in a two-day international gathering within the “DEAL4EU” project. Deal4eu: Youth Ambassadors for European Green Deal The aim of this project is to strengthen the network of international cooperation and exchange ideas on projects for young people in the field of environmental protection. The organizer of the meeting is the Municipality of Tivat in cooperation with international organizations from Spain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Cyprus and Slovenia. The next gathering is being organized in Sofia in February. The participation and transportation of our volunteers was supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.


Public speaking and creating presentations

On Wednesday, December 8, starting at 7 pm in the premises at Njegoševa no. 9 we are organizing a public speaking workshop and preparing a presentation led by one of our most active volunteers Nina Markovic. Nina will pay attention to how the fear of public speaking is overcome, what is important to do before the presentation, her experience in the presentation as well as the very beginnings.
This activity is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy through the youth career counseling program.
Applications are in DM!


English language chat with Robin Brown

On Friday, December 3rd, we organized an English language chat with paraglider Robin Brown! Robin brought the paragliding closer to the volunteers. He also showed us how he decided to move to Montenegro from Great Britain and how he has been living here for almost 12 years.
This activity is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.