Youth planting action, Basta ekologika

Today, at Basta ekologika n on Mareza the youth planting action was held. Young volunteers planted over 500 grapes of pedunculate oak for the needs of the Montenegrin Society of Ecologists. We then planted 200 seedlings of medunca (whose acorns we collected in December in Herceg Novi) for the needs of the coastal municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, and finally we transplanted 150 seedlings of two-year and three-year seedlings of Trojan, coastal oak and medunca into larger containers. We are grateful to Basti Ekologika for education, invitation and hospitality. We are already looking forward to new activities. This work action was organized within the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and was funded by the European endowment for democracy. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth


Educational walking tour Velje brdo and cave Magara

Although we are not able to leave our cities on weekends, there are many locations in the municipalities that young people are not familiar with. So yesterday, a cheerful group of young people, led by the new executive director of the NGO Our action Dejan Besovic, headed to one such location. It is about Velje brdo on which there is, forgotten by many, the fortress Crvena stijena with an incredible view of Podgorica and its surroundings. Then we headed towards the Mareza cave, at the entrance of which there is a strange stone skull. This educational walking tour for young people is organized as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and is funded by the European endowment for democracy. We consider it extremely important especially in this age of pandemic, isolation, online teaching, stress and general inactivity of young people. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth


Weekend youth work in Kotor and Podgorica

Last weekend, young members of the NGO Our action spent time working and helping in Kotor and Podgorica. On Saturday, February 6, we were in charge of removing the lighting from the citadel and bridges, as well as the hotel balconies, and then analyzing the condition of the floodlights on the ramparts. The action was realized in cooperation with the Directorate for Development and Construction of Kotor. On Sunday, February 7, we went to Basta Ekologika on Mareza in Podgorica to lend a hand to the NGO Paradigma in the realization of the project “Nova moba”. Soil and fertilizer have been prepared for new towers for vegetables and greenhouses that will be set up in many cities in Montenegro. Such activities in nature and assistance in local communities of the NGO Our action are realized through the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” under the auspices of the European endowment of democracy. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth

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Volunteer planting activity in the park forest Zlatica, Podgorica

Today, a small and hard-working team participated in the forestation action in the park-forest Zlatica, which is now richer by 500 seedlings of black pine, spruce, koštela, mulberry and ash. We have not had the opportunity to plant for a long time, and we support and welcome every action of planting in Montenegro, as well as this action of the city company Zelenilo. Volunteers from the NGO Green home also joined the action. #actgreen #greenhome #Zelenilo DOO – Podgorica #NVONasaakcija


Acorn collection action

On December 31, 2020, our young team traveled to Herceg Novi for the action of collecting acorns, one of the few specimens of oak still represented on the coast. This is the third year in a row that our organization finishes the year with this activity, with our now experienced collectors inspecting every acorn. Sufficient specimens were collected for seedlings and for donation to the ecological sections of primary schools “Njegos” and “Nikola Djurkovic” in Kotor. This activity is implemented as part of the program “Nature for physical and mental health of young people” implemented by the NGO Our Action and funded through institutional support of the European Endowment for Democracy, and aims to activate as many young people to spend their free time in nature. not only their health but also learn to love and respect their country.


#NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth

Building material delivery for the grade school in Radanovici

The second and third cargo of building materials for the refurbishing of grade school “Nikola Djurkovic” has been delivered to Radanovice, thanks to donations from the Municipality of Kotor and the Directorate for the arrangement and construction of Kotor, with the support of the European endowment for democracy. We hope that time will serve us and that the young NGO Our action will start work around 11 and finish by 18 January. The work will be difficult and extensive, and this may be the most difficult action our NGO has taken. Any help that the citizens want to give us will be gladly accepted. #Europeanendowementfordemocracy


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Construction of a greenhouse for the Mojkovac community

On Saturday, a young team of volunteers from the NGO Our action headed to the municipality of Mojkovac to support the Paradigm NGO project in the construction of greenhouses and vegetable towers for people in need in this municipality. Tough action at temperatures from zero to -7 was successful and it is our great pleasure to help in this feat. We joined this activity because it fits perfectly with our program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” which is supported by the European endowment for democracy. #novamoba #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureandyouth #Youthmentalhealth

NGO Our action commemorated International Volunteer day

International Volunteer Day 2020 Young volunteers of the NGO Our action marked December 5, the International Day of Volunteerism with community work. Namely, 15 young people from our organization responded to the call of the Municipality of Kotor to help the municipal services with decorating for the upcoming holidays, and with a dozen young volunteers from high schools they finished their part of decorating, placed rows of lights on the ramparts and the Citadel and the bridge near the Port and Gurdic bridge.

NGO Our action congratulates all volunteer organizations on their work in building communities and developing volunteerism, and we thank all volunteers for donating their time, enthusiasm, heart and humanity for the betterment of our country, especially in this epidemiological situation. Volunteers are LOVE ON THE MOVE, the foundation of any strong free society, catalysts for change and the direction of a country’s development.

This activity was realized with the support of the Directorate for Construction of Kotor and the Municipality of Kotor, and partly through our program European Endowment for Democracy.


#NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth

November weekend in the work and education of young people

Last weekend, the young NGO Our action spent in the work and education of their peers. A workshop “Youth teaches youth: volunteerism to success!” Was held in Kotor on Saturday, November 7, in cooperation with the Youth Council of Kotor. led by Dejan Besovic, Katarina Vukadinovic, Dejana Vujkovic, Nadja Srdic and Dimitrije Vuckovic, in the desire to transfer their knowledge and experience to peers. The next day, this team of young people took part in the autumn planting in the youth house “Eco Center Muo”. In Podgorica, meanwhile, volunteers from Our Action joined the Gorica Lovers’ Association in clearing the terrain in Gorica. We invite all young people to become active and spend their free time and weekends in nature and socially useful work.


Beach clean up Buljarica, Budva

On the first day of November, the NGO Our action organized an action of cleaning the beach Buljarica. 24 enthusiastic volunteers from Podgorica, Cetinje, Kotor and Tivat and representatives of the organization p.k. Squirrel and DMAD – Marine mammal research association, as well as other senior citizens, are half-hearted, ie. 1km of beach from a huge amount of waste in 32 large bags and a larger amount of broken beach furniture, pipes and construction materials. A friend of our organization, Rajko Papovic, and his family presented the volunteers with a fantastic meal in the shape of a fish soup, and there was also mulled wine. After the action, the team enjoyed socializing, swimming and making plans for the future, because it is necessary to clean another branch of the beach, which we did not reach in this action. We thank all the volunteers, especially Kirsi Hyvaerinen, the implementer of Green destinations. The action is realized through the project Youth for a Clean Adriatic, which is supported by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and locally the action would not be possible without the support of JP Morsko dobro.


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