Panel discussion of the IPA cross-border project, “Y O U t h d r i v e”

The first in a series of panel discussions of the IPA cross-border project, “Y O U t h d r i v e -” to raise environmental awareness, and launch concrete actions in the West Herzegovina and the Bay of Kotor County was held today.
The project is implemented within the Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union, where the project partners also signed an agreement on joint partnership in the project.
In the coming days, a panel discussion will be held in the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat.

European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina European Union in Montenegro


Workshop on the organization of volunteer events

On Monday, July 28, volunteers of the NGO Our action, respecting the limitations of covid measures, filled the hall and took part in a workshop on the organization of volunteer events in the community. The workshop was organized by the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Activities of the Municipality of Kotor in cooperation with the Youth Council, and the lecturer was Tomislav Zegura, a longtime youth worker and activist.

The first action of making installations for the Interreg project “WELCOME

Last weekend, young volunteers of the NGO Our action started an action of making art installations from collected natural and processed wood from the beach. Within the project “WELCOME” (WatER LandsCapes sustainability thrOught reuse of Marine littEr) which is financed through “Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro”, JU Morsko dobro announced in October 2019 a competition for the production of these art installations for which our organization won the third prize. The proposal of our young artists includes two installations – a crab and a jellyfish, which will be composed of natural materials without the use of nails or some other materials harmful to nature. After the construction, all installations within the project are planned to be placed on the dunes on Velika plaža and will serve as artistic protective constructions for the preservation of sand dunes. During this action day, one part of the team was in charge of procuring glue, wooden dowels and ropes, the other part of the team was working on the beach to gather the necessary material. The experience took the young people to one of the worst beaches in Montenegro, right to the right of the Lustica bay complex. After that, they started making installations that slowly began to form. We will not publish the results, ie the installations themselves, until the action of setting them up, on March 28, 2020.


Support for the Upshift project for the elementary school “Njegos”, Kotor (part 2)

For the second action in a row volunteers of NGO Our action responded to the call for help to the Upshift project for impovements in elementary school “Njegos” in Skaljari, Kotor. The project is lead by three young ladies Dejana Vukokovic, Nadja Srdic and Ivana Rapovac who together with the school teacher Tanja Lalosevic put together a big works schedule for this day: 1. Painting preparation and the paining of the entire hallway, 2. Paining of the school kitchenet, 3. Paining of remaining doors, 4. Paining of the remaining Gym details, 5. Paining of the base for wall targets, 6. Removing of the adhesive from the previous vitrage, 7. Placement of the new vitrage on the windows. The projects the ladies organized has one more planned activity and that is the delivery of school supplies for the Gym and recreational area for the children and with that the school will not only have gotten a new coat of paint everywhere but also a valuable donation of physical education supplies.


Volunteer support, Ball of mules, Martinici

NGO Our action had the honor to support the 5th Ball of mules with its volunteers in Martinici. In this fantastic setting with an abundance of home made products, mulled wine and other homemade refreshements this ball was visited by 4000 people in one day. The mules enjoyed plenty of carrots and apples, and the people enjoyed them and the surrounding nature. Our volunteers had the opportunity to experience and volunteer someplace new, see another beautiful part of Montenegro and see a home based sustainable business at first hand, while in the same time helping in the organization of the event. Thanks to the Farm and Darko Saveljic for the hospitality and call for help. It was a true pleasure to help. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOurAction #budiprimjer


Green zone for kids and retiree

Hardworking, kids, volunteers

Detail from action


NGO Our Action with its youth volunteers provided the support to the project “Green zone for kids and seniors”.  We added to the activity our handmade recycled furniture  – wooden benches as well as our supplies of tire figures (Minion, a well,  flower pots), and helped with the heavy physical work.

Using this opportunity we also took pictures, set up and opened the eight small library on open in Montenegro. This was a truly excellent initiative of the tenants under the leadership of Ana Ponos. Congratulations to all.  We are glad to be able to jump in and help in this community on the boulevard of Ivana Crnojevica in Podgorica. You can wisit our facebook page here and there you can find more images and report from montenegro local tv station here.