Cleaning campaign for Earth Day, 16.04.2022

Today, a young team of volunteers from Our Action, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Youth Team, went to the location of the parish in Tivat on the occasion of Earth Day. With the support of the Tivat Municipal Company, DVD Tivat and the Protection Service, we cleaned the entire coast of this location from plastic waste, and then cleaned the path and the approach part of the park from trees felled by leeches that spent the winter there. There was a lot of work, although a large part was cleaned, another action is planned in May, in order to finish the activity, which was of a very large scale. We thank all volunteers and services! A wonderful but very difficult action that we successfully overcame with our joint efforts.
This activity is supported by the Municipality of Tivat, TO Tivat, Porto Montenegro and through the support of the European endowment for democracy.