Volunteer support to the Association of Gorica Hill supporters

After a break of several months, we are finally on the field together with our friends, the Association of Gorica Lovers. This time, fire protection was being done, a dozen dried pines and cypresses were pulled out of the forest with a bunch of branches. While over 20 volunteers of our organization are on the action of cleaning Vrmac, the younger team, under the watchful eye of the new coordinator for Podgorica, Andreja Stevović, came to help in Gorica.
This activity and support in Gorica is part of our program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” with the support of the European endowment for democracy.


Successfully completed a large action of cleaning on the Vrmac mountain

As a sign of the celebration of Earth Day, the action of cleaning mountain Vrmac was completed today with incredible success. The action included cleaning fire-fighting roads and hiking trails, as well as collecting waste from the slopes of the Tivat and Kotor sides. The trail Lepetane-Orašje and Plavda-Orašje was cleaned by the teams of the Tivat Protection Service with the voluntary fire brigades from Tivat and Boka. The Pod Kuk – Gornja Lastva trail was cleaned by members of the Triathlon Club Herceg Novi and Kotor and the mountaineering club “Vjeverica”. From the big hut on the Vrmac plateau, 56 volunteers headed in 5 directions in the action of cleaning the waste, of which the most difficult location was right next to the Škaljari fortress, primarily due to the large number of tires. 10m3 of waste was collected. The volunteers were primarily young people from the NGO Naša akcija, the Tivat Youth Team and the Knightsbridge School, but were also joined by families from both cities. The action was organized by the Municipality of Tivat, the Municipality of Kotor and the NGO Naša akcija, with the support of Porto Montenegro and the Tourist Organization of Tivat, as well as utilities of both cities.
The NGO Naša akcija initiated this activity as part of the program “Nature for the mental and physical health of young people” supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.
We thank all the participants and volunteers who dedicated their day to Vrmac.


Completed planting and decoration of the youth eco house “Muo house”

On Sunday, April 11, the young volunteers of NGO Naša akcija completed the action of planting and arranging the youth eco house “Muo house”. This is the first activity to prepare our eco-education center for the arrival of young people and for the summer season. Next to the garden itself, vegetable towers were set up, donated by the NGO Paradigma from Podgorica through their project “Nova moba”, and the interior of the house was polished and cleaned. A joint lunch followed, followed by rest and enjoyment of Muo. This activity is part of the program “Nature for mental and physical health of young people” which is implemented through the support of the European endowment for democracy. Once again, many thanks to the NGO Paradigma for a wonderful donation.


Young people complete the last phase of works in elementary school “Nikola Djurkovic”

Last weekend, 14 young volunteers of the NGO Naša akcija completed the last phase of work in the elementary school “Nikola Đurković”. In January, the first phase began with the renovation of the Mathematics classroom, then the lower large hallway of the school and the old school desks. In the months between, Naša akcija made an effort and through donations from citizens and the company Technoplus doo provided a world map, a bookshelf and CD players for the school. We also agreed with Zelenila Kotor on arranging the green areas of the school and brought the company Cerovo to negotiate with the principal about the much-needed reconstruction of the main school toilets. We hope that the school will complete the toilet reconstruction. This last phase included the renovation of the Biology / Chemistry classroom, which was completed last weekend with the arrangement of some other rooms in the school. This volunteer activity is part of the Local Action Plan for Kotor Youth and is supported by a donation of material from the Municipality of Kotor and the European Endowment for Democracy. The Directorate for the Arrangement and Construction of Kotor also jumped in with roofing material for the library and the Biology cabinet, which were leaking a lot. These works are not completely finished yet, but we expect the works to be completed soon.


Functioning of the organization in the corona times.

In recent weeks, due to Covid restrictions on movement and assembly, we have not been able to perform our regular activities, which are planned for this month. Consequently, we focused on smaller, humanitarian activities in the local community as much as our resources allow. So in the past few days we donated food and / or medicine packages and thus provided for single mothers and pensioners in the local community of Škaljari and Muo. We thank all the donors, especially the young members of the new group of the Youth Club Tivat, who participated in this activity with our NGO.

Educational walking tour – Kučka korita and “throat of the falcon”

On Sunday, March 7, about 20 young members of the NGO Naša akcija went to Kučka korita and “throat of the falcon” or as we call it Grlo sokolovo. The first stop is the lookout and the monument to Novak Milošev, which offers a fantastic view of Podgorica, then a visit to the ruins of the ancient city of Medun. Eventually we arrived at the Kučka korita and visited the “throat of the falcon”. The action was accompanied by a snowy road, which gave young people the opportunity for a little fun, also a flashmob dance and ball party.
This educational walking tour for young people is organized as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and is funded by the European endowment for democracy. We consider it extremely important especially in this age of pandemic, isolation, online teaching, stress and general inactivity of young people.


Youth planting action, Bašta Ekologika (Part II)

A smaller team of young and hardworking people went on Sunday, February 28, in Basta Ekologiku on Mareza to finish planting the remaining 500 grapes of pedunculate oak for the needs of the Montenegrin Society of Ecologists, and the rest of the conifers for planting on the coast. With that, we have finished planting the cranberries that we planned for 2021. Thank you Aca and Basti Ekologica once again for the education, invitation and hospitality. Soon together in new green activities.

This work action was organized within the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and was funded by the European endowment for democracy.
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Planting action – Dajbabska gora, Podgorica

For the second spring in a row, we are joining the KOD organization in the action of suspecting Dajbabska gora. Numerous citizens and organizations joined and 20,000 acres were planted. At the location, our small team found those seedlings that we planted the previous year. We were pleased to help and join the activities and joining them is certainly part of our program “Nature for mental and physical health of young people” which I implement through the support of the European endowment for democracy.
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Support for the construction of a greenhouse in Berane #novamoba

For the second time, our young members had the opportunity to support the Nova Moba project implemented by the NGO Paradigm through the US Embassy. This time we headed to Berane, where we helped build a greenhouse and plant towers. More and more young people are being trained through such projects on how to build, use tools, create and plant with their own hands. Through the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” funded by the European endowment for democracy, we join such and similar projects that are of social importance.
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