Successfully completed a large action of cleaning on the Vrmac mountain

As a sign of the celebration of Earth Day, the action of cleaning mountain Vrmac was completed today with incredible success. The action included cleaning fire-fighting roads and hiking trails, as well as collecting waste from the slopes of the Tivat and Kotor sides. The trail Lepetane-Orašje and Plavda-Orašje was cleaned by the teams of the Tivat Protection Service with the voluntary fire brigades from Tivat and Boka. The Pod Kuk – Gornja Lastva trail was cleaned by members of the Triathlon Club Herceg Novi and Kotor and the mountaineering club “Vjeverica”. From the big hut on the Vrmac plateau, 56 volunteers headed in 5 directions in the action of cleaning the waste, of which the most difficult location was right next to the Škaljari fortress, primarily due to the large number of tires. 10m3 of waste was collected. The volunteers were primarily young people from the NGO Naša akcija, the Tivat Youth Team and the Knightsbridge School, but were also joined by families from both cities. The action was organized by the Municipality of Tivat, the Municipality of Kotor and the NGO Naša akcija, with the support of Porto Montenegro and the Tourist Organization of Tivat, as well as utilities of both cities.
The NGO Naša akcija initiated this activity as part of the program “Nature for the mental and physical health of young people” supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.
We thank all the participants and volunteers who dedicated their day to Vrmac.


Weekend full of activities, in one weekend five actions

Last weekend, the NGO Our action worked at full speed. With our volunteers we supported 5 actions:

1. Forest clearing action on Zlatica in Podgorica

2. Aquathon competition on Lustica

3. Our eco camp and the action of cleaning the coast Perast-Drazin Vrt

4. Opening of the exhibition of installations for the Kotor Children’s Theater Festival, and finally

5. Boke triathlon in Perast. Congratulations to all the volunteers / heroes on so much work and effort in one weekend.


Volunteer support – Summer carnival Kotor 2019

This year again NGO Our action will provide volunteer support for the summer carnival Kotor 2019. Additionally as part of the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic” we will be part of the carnival festivities with a mask called “Angry Poseidon”. The activities will start at 4pm on Saturday, August 3rd. Volunteer registration will be accepted until the 28th of july.


Green zone for kids and retiree

Hardworking, kids, volunteers

Detail from action


NGO Our Action with its youth volunteers provided the support to the project “Green zone for kids and seniors”.  We added to the activity our handmade recycled furniture  – wooden benches as well as our supplies of tire figures (Minion, a well,  flower pots), and helped with the heavy physical work.

Using this opportunity we also took pictures, set up and opened the eight small library on open in Montenegro. This was a truly excellent initiative of the tenants under the leadership of Ana Ponos. Congratulations to all.  We are glad to be able to jump in and help in this community on the boulevard of Ivana Crnojevica in Podgorica. You can wisit our facebook page here and there you can find more images and report from montenegro local tv station here.

SUP board making workshop from plastic bottles


In the youth center in Podgorica a workshop was organized for young people in the technique of building SUP boards of recycled materials – to be precise of plastic bottles. The guests and the educators of this wonderful workshop were Carolyn Newton and Carlos de Sousa from the organization ,,The Whale company”. The educators explained their mission – that with these SUP boards they have traveled over 12 countries of Europe and in every country they have done a marathon of 42 km to raise awareness of recycling and using plastic waste. Carolyn has explained that the level of plastic in our oceans and other water bodies is alarming and that it is expected that until 2050 in the world’s oceans there will be more plastic than fish.

Besides the explanation of making the board, the volunteers have succeeded to see the pictures and reports from other countries, where they were shocked with the amount of plastic in the canyon of the river Drina, and that the state is more than alarming in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Croatia, even in Montenegro. NGO ,,Our action” and The Whale company have agreed to long-term cooperation and partnership, and our organization received as a gift the board, materials and equipment to make our own boards.