Meeting for parents and friends of NGO Our action

On Friday, the 15th of December, in the Youth center in Podgorica, by the request of youth members, the first meeting for parents and friends of NGO Our action was held.  Youth speakers chose their activities to present with a complete retrospective of our achievements, completed projects and all that was learned in 2017.  Following this our director Patricia Pobric presented plans and strategies for 2018.  After the official part of the evening, all present where able to enjoy food prepared by youth.

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Green zone for kids and retiree

Hardworking, kids, volunteers

Detail from action


NGO Our Action with its youth volunteers provided the support to the project “Green zone for kids and seniors”.  We added to the activity our handmade recycled furniture  – wooden benches as well as our supplies of tire figures (Minion, a well,  flower pots), and helped with the heavy physical work.

Using this opportunity we also took pictures, set up and opened the eight small library on open in Montenegro. This was a truly excellent initiative of the tenants under the leadership of Ana Ponos. Congratulations to all.  We are glad to be able to jump in and help in this community on the boulevard of Ivana Crnojevica in Podgorica. You can wisit our facebook page here and there you can find more images and report from montenegro local tv station here.

SUP board making workshop from plastic bottles


In the youth center in Podgorica a workshop was organized for young people in the technique of building SUP boards of recycled materials – to be precise of plastic bottles. The guests and the educators of this wonderful workshop were Carolyn Newton and Carlos de Sousa from the organization ,,The Whale company”. The educators explained their mission – that with these SUP boards they have traveled over 12 countries of Europe and in every country they have done a marathon of 42 km to raise awareness of recycling and using plastic waste. Carolyn has explained that the level of plastic in our oceans and other water bodies is alarming and that it is expected that until 2050 in the world’s oceans there will be more plastic than fish.

Besides the explanation of making the board, the volunteers have succeeded to see the pictures and reports from other countries, where they were shocked with the amount of plastic in the canyon of the river Drina, and that the state is more than alarming in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Croatia, even in Montenegro. NGO ,,Our action” and The Whale company have agreed to long-term cooperation and partnership, and our organization received as a gift the board, materials and equipment to make our own boards.

Volunteering – South East Europe Championship in Orienting

NGO “Naša akcija” had the honor to be invited to assist the Orientating Union of Montenegro for the organization of the South East European Championship in Orienting, which was held from August 23 to 27 at Zabljak. In these activities, our team is well-established, and we are glad to support the organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and nature. Logistics is not easy, but the team of Orienting Alliance of Montenegro did an excellent job. Volunteers from Berane, Rozaje and BijeloPolje also joined us.


In addition to working / volunteer activities, our team visited Žabljak and two surrounding lakes, enjoyed camping, nature, socializing and logos fire. Two volunteers in our team ,Dejan Besovic and Filip Drobnjak ,were also competitors, and volunteers Dragoljub DagiScekic, PetarRaicevic, Jana Raicevic, Gabriela Pobric, Sava Buljancevic and VasoUskokovic also expressed their desire to test their skills in this discipline, and they all managed to successfully finish the path.


We done, seen, learned and experienced a lot, a lot of tolerance, teamwork, flexibility, and new friendships and volunteers have been acquired. All in all, a fantastic success –and thanks for everything to the team from the Alliance along with Stefan Jeremić and Luka Vulić. We will always be happy to respond to activities, and we hope that we have created new future representatives in this discipline for Montenegro.

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Volunteer camp – Restructuring of Španjola fortress


From 31st of  July to 3rd of August, NGO’s „Našaakcija“ team of high schoolers joined the project started by NGO „Sinergija“ from Herceg Novi. Project „Volunteer camp – Restructuring of Španjola fortress“that was supported by FAKT’s  „Civil action“, started two months ago. By the words of organizer „with help of the young volunteers, project showed serious results and condition of the fortress was improvedsignificantly“. This was a real test of responsibility and maturity for our team of high schoolers because this was the first time for them to carry multi-day project on their own, without adult’s supervision.

This challenge was given to them because of our wish to create capable youth, future leaders that are learning on the field, and this team of 13 guys and girls finished this project with success, even though this location was unknown and challenging for them. We are proud of our team and all people at the camp. We own a big thanks to NGO „Sinergija“ for their hospitality and realization of a great project. You can follow up with new events that are part of this project on

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Decoration of the yard and building of a playground Virpazar


NGO „Naša akcija“ had honor to be a part of German NGO „KuKuk Kulture“ and their project that was implemented in elementary school „Jovan Tomašević“ in Virpazar, with financial support of ERASMUS programme. This project in Montenegro was done through partnership with Parents Council of school „Jovan Tomašević“,   school managment and their fantastic director Miodrag Šćepanović, and company „Balkan tour“.


Project begun on 9th and was finished on 15 July, with focus on youth/volunteers from Germany, local community and NGO „Naša akcija“, that with their own hands and long hours of working during very hot days, managed to finish all work with guideness of a leader „KuKuk Kulture“ organization. Except of a building the playground, work included decoration of the green areas, planting, painting of a mural and smaller repairs of interior of the school. Kids managed to have a good time in their  free afterwork hours in the evening, so apart of a fantastic experience, they all got new friends.


Action was supported by LTD „Voli“, restaurant „Voda u kršu“, Tourist organization of Bar, Montenegrin orthodox church, restaurant „Pelikan“ and „Badanj“, LTD „Elko tim“, hotel „Vir“, National parks of Montenegro and many other local business. By the words of director, all this would not be possible without help of Brankica Gazević, who is president of Parents Council, and her husband, that did great work in organizational part of this project. This was a great experiance for  our small NGO, we learned alot, made new friends, but we also contributed to this project with donations of our benches, decorative details for kindergarten and reflector light for better safety of the school.

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Green culture forum camp 2017


NGO „Naša akcija“ is attending and supporting Green culture Montenegro five years in a row now. Painting, music, promotion of the healthy lifestyles. Speakers from all around the world, other citizens and organizations that are dealing with environment and culture gather on that weekend at the same place, at Ada Bojana, and all attenders can learn, try and experience something new and different.


Apart of our NGO, event was supported also by NGO „Sinergija“ from Herceg Novi, Bushcraft group, and new NGO „Green mind“. With different lectures and other activities, we contributed to a healthier and cleaner environment at Ada Bojana. We also cleaned beach at the mouth of riverBojana and also whole part from restaurant „Barbana“ to northern side of a bridge at Bojana.


Our special thanks goes to mrCafu Boga, ZenepLika and other citizens of Ulcinj that donated funds for  our transport, to a organizer NGO „Krug“ for food and of course to a Bushcraft group for excellent bean. Volunteers and other participants, you were amazing, people are amazed and happy to meet you and they enjoy in your energy, will to work and your spirit. Thank you all once again. Till the next time.

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