Team building through volunteerism at Ocean Lava Montenegro

For the fourth year in a row, the young team of the NGO Naša akcija provided full support to Ocean Lava Montenegro, which is held every year in Kotor. This year, the focus of this very long and hard triathlon competition was teamwork. Research by Salesforce says that: “86% of employees believe that the largest number of mistakes in the workplace occur due to lack of mutual cooperation or inefficient communication.” Accordingly, we want to develop in young people exactly the skills they will need for the future, and a great place for that are events like this. The activity was implemented under the “Life Skills” program implemented by the NGO Naša akcija through the support of the European Endowment for Democracy.


NGO Our action at the 12th eco colony, Blidinje, BiH

NGO Our action at the 12th eco colony in the Blidinje Nature Park. Last weekend, the young NGO Naša akcija joined their partners the Eco ZH Association in the Blidinje Nature Park at the 12th eco colony, which is financially supported by the American Embassy in Sarajevo. The colony gathered 60 young people from the surrounding countries, who focused their artwork on the landscape of Blidinje. Artists leave their works for auctions, and the money raised from the paintings supports an institution for neglected children in Široki Brijeg, BiH. The art colony also included an ecological cleaning action. NGO Naša akcija held an expert lecture on the use of various arts for environmental activism. In addition to project activities, young members managed to climb to Hajduk Gate. At the foot of the hiking trail, they came across the sign PSD Vilinac on which it is written that (whoever is able) take part of the material for the renovation of the only source of drinking water to the mountain lodge, which is never a problem for our young volunteers! The young team decided to take everything that was, and thus contribute in another way to this local community. The NGO Naša akcija financed part of its journey through the European Endowment for Democracy funds.


Completed eco actions on Orjen through the project “YOUth drive”

Completed eco actions on Orjen through the YOUth drive project In the past few days, two eco actions for young people were held on the sunny slopes of Orjen. The first action was carried out by primary school students and the second by high school students from the Boka Kotorska area who applied in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment as well as to raise awareness of the need to preserve nature of this importance. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the mountain and this new terrain, get a short training on the mountain, forest protection and nature. After the training, the actions of cleaning illegal landfills at several locations along the paths and roads of this area were completed. The field part was followed by socializing and enjoying the charms of the mountains and homemade food of the mountain lodge “Za vratlom” with the distribution of school equipment and T-shirts to all participants. The project within the IPA cross-border cooperation program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union with more than 232,000 EUR. The project partners are non-governmental organizations, the Association for Development, Environment and Culture EKO ZH from Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina as the project holder, and the NGO Naša akcija from Kotor. European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina European Union in Montenegro #CBCBIHMNE # NVONasaakcija # NGOOuraction # cbcbihmne # cross-border cooperation # YOUthDrive #European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina #European Union in Montenegro


Eco camp for young people, Velika plaža, Ulcinj

Last weekend the NGO Naša akcija held its traditional spring eco camp for young people. This year we joined our friends behind the organization MSJA – Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association and the project “Coast of Ulcinj without plastic” funded by GIZ, by holding two separate cleaning actions and planting actions. In addition, a new team of young people learned to set up and live in the camp, set up tents, with workshops on ecology as well as the need to protect and the role of sand dunes.

This activity was supported through the project “Advancing the Resolute and Tangible
Environ-mental Implementation of Standards (ARTEMIS) ”, with financial support from the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, and a project“ Youth for a Clean Adriatic ”supported by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco.

Completed planting and decoration of the youth eco house “Muo house”

On Sunday, April 11, the young volunteers of NGO Naša akcija completed the action of planting and arranging the youth eco house “Muo house”. This is the first activity to prepare our eco-education center for the arrival of young people and for the summer season. Next to the garden itself, vegetable towers were set up, donated by the NGO Paradigma from Podgorica through their project “Nova moba”, and the interior of the house was polished and cleaned. A joint lunch followed, followed by rest and enjoyment of Muo. This activity is part of the program “Nature for mental and physical health of young people” which is implemented through the support of the European endowment for democracy. Once again, many thanks to the NGO Paradigma for a wonderful donation.


Young people complete the last phase of works in elementary school “Nikola Djurkovic”

Last weekend, 14 young volunteers of the NGO Naša akcija completed the last phase of work in the elementary school “Nikola Đurković”. In January, the first phase began with the renovation of the Mathematics classroom, then the lower large hallway of the school and the old school desks. In the months between, Naša akcija made an effort and through donations from citizens and the company Technoplus doo provided a world map, a bookshelf and CD players for the school. We also agreed with Zelenila Kotor on arranging the green areas of the school and brought the company Cerovo to negotiate with the principal about the much-needed reconstruction of the main school toilets. We hope that the school will complete the toilet reconstruction. This last phase included the renovation of the Biology / Chemistry classroom, which was completed last weekend with the arrangement of some other rooms in the school. This volunteer activity is part of the Local Action Plan for Kotor Youth and is supported by a donation of material from the Municipality of Kotor and the European Endowment for Democracy. The Directorate for the Arrangement and Construction of Kotor also jumped in with roofing material for the library and the Biology cabinet, which were leaking a lot. These works are not completely finished yet, but we expect the works to be completed soon.


Working camp at elementary school “Nikola Djurkovic”, Radanovic

On Sunday, January 17, the young NGO Our action completed a five-day volunteer work camp of renovating the elementary school “Nikola Djurkovic” in Radanovici. In this first phase of the works, the focus of the works was the mathematics classroom, a large hallway on the lower floor of the school of about 150 m2, painting old benches, and painting the classroom doors on the lower floor of the school. The works included a large amount of scraping, smoothing and sanding of badly damaged and old walls, then the substrate and painting. 18 young volunteers aged 14 to 21 took part in the action, and students of the Faculty of Maritime Studies joined for two days.

The material for this activity was provided by the NGO Our action through the Youth Council of Kotor (Kotor Municipality), then the roofing material through the Directorate for Construction of Kotor and the rest of the needs were covered through funds provided by the NGO Our action through the European endowment for democracy. We owe a special thank you to Marijan Santic, who lent us the scales for working on high ceilings, and to all the teachers and parents who brought refreshments and donations in the form of food to the volunteers.

“This is the fourth school organized by the NGO Our action so that our youngest citizens have a better learning environment. In the second phase of the project, the biology classroom will be arranged and the school yard will be arranged. Now we are waiting for the caretaker to finish the roof of the classroom and library. with the material we provided because it is leaking now. Only then does continuing work make sense. We are still trying to provide bookshelves in good condition for the library because many of the leaks have been destroyed, as well as a map of the world the school needs. project Dejan Besovic. We invite everyone who is able to continue to help arrange the institution. It is necessary to fix the septic tank, to renovate the toilets as some priorities.

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