NGO Our action at the 12th eco colony, Blidinje, BiH

NGO Our action at the 12th eco colony in the Blidinje Nature Park. Last weekend, the young NGO Naša akcija joined their partners the Eco ZH Association in the Blidinje Nature Park at the 12th eco colony, which is financially supported by the American Embassy in Sarajevo. The colony gathered 60 young people from the surrounding countries, who focused their artwork on the landscape of Blidinje. Artists leave their works for auctions, and the money raised from the paintings supports an institution for neglected children in Široki Brijeg, BiH. The art colony also included an ecological cleaning action. NGO Naša akcija held an expert lecture on the use of various arts for environmental activism. In addition to project activities, young members managed to climb to Hajduk Gate. At the foot of the hiking trail, they came across the sign PSD Vilinac on which it is written that (whoever is able) take part of the material for the renovation of the only source of drinking water to the mountain lodge, which is never a problem for our young volunteers! The young team decided to take everything that was, and thus contribute in another way to this local community. The NGO Naša akcija financed part of its journey through the European Endowment for Democracy funds.