Training through the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”

Last Friday, the NGO Our action continued with training within the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”. Due to NKT measures, education is carried out in small groups, this time in the Youth Club in Kotor. The lecture “Blue Engineers of Montenegro” was given by scientists from the Association for Research of Aquatic Mammals, with which the NGO Our action signed a cooperation agreement, focusing on the economic and ecological importance of dolphins and the impact of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem.


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November weekend in the work and education of young people

Last weekend, the young NGO Our action spent in the work and education of their peers. A workshop “Youth teaches youth: volunteerism to success!” Was held in Kotor on Saturday, November 7, in cooperation with the Youth Council of Kotor. led by Dejan Besovic, Katarina Vukadinovic, Dejana Vujkovic, Nadja Srdic and Dimitrije Vuckovic, in the desire to transfer their knowledge and experience to peers. The next day, this team of young people took part in the autumn planting in the youth house “Eco Center Muo”. In Podgorica, meanwhile, volunteers from Our Action joined the Gorica Lovers’ Association in clearing the terrain in Gorica. We invite all young people to become active and spend their free time and weekends in nature and socially useful work.


Beach clean up Buljarica, Budva

On the first day of November, the NGO Our action organized an action of cleaning the beach Buljarica. 24 enthusiastic volunteers from Podgorica, Cetinje, Kotor and Tivat and representatives of the organization p.k. Squirrel and DMAD – Marine mammal research association, as well as other senior citizens, are half-hearted, ie. 1km of beach from a huge amount of waste in 32 large bags and a larger amount of broken beach furniture, pipes and construction materials. A friend of our organization, Rajko Papovic, and his family presented the volunteers with a fantastic meal in the shape of a fish soup, and there was also mulled wine. After the action, the team enjoyed socializing, swimming and making plans for the future, because it is necessary to clean another branch of the beach, which we did not reach in this action. We thank all the volunteers, especially Kirsi Hyvaerinen, the implementer of Green destinations. The action is realized through the project Youth for a Clean Adriatic, which is supported by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and locally the action would not be possible without the support of JP Morsko dobro.


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Day by the sea – work, education and entertainment for young people

On October 24, the young NGO Our action headed to Kalardovo beach in Tivat. We dedicated this wonderful day to the sea. As soon as we arrived we cleaned the beach and moves from the beach towards the island of Flowers and from the beach towards the airport. After the cleaning action, the last autumn sprint triathlon was held, in which one part of the team provided volunteer support and three of our members, Dejan Besovic, Slavo Bozovic and Dimitrija Vuckovic, took part in the relay. A short break on the beach followed with sandwiches and swimming, and we dedicated the rest of the day to the island of flowers and the Tivat salina, thus crowning this day. We also found bottles, cans and tires in the salina, so we cleaned it during the visit. This day was realized through the project “Youth for a Clean Adriatic” funded by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and through the program “Nature for Physical and Mental Health of Youth” implemented by the NGO Our Action and funded by institutional support European Endowment for Democracy.


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Humanitarian action with Arcadia Academy

Students and teachers of the Arcadia Academy from Kotor collect clothes, hygiene products and food every year as part of the Autumn Festival. One part of these donations this year, the school gives to the NGO Our action to distribute to families in Kotor, and the other part is sent to the north of Montenegro. Our young coordinators for Kotor, Nadja Srdic and Dejana Vujkovic, added donations and today blew up goods in MZ Muo, processing five households with packages of food and hygiene products, as well as some clothes and medicines.

Educational walking tour – Pestingrad and Ivanova korita

Under the expert guidance of the members of the mountaineering club Vjeverica Kotor, the NGO Our action organized an educational walking tour of Pestingrad and Ivanova korita on Sunday, October 18. Twenty young nature lovers headed to this rather difficult and somewhat slippery terrain, and the temperatures on Ivan’s riverbeds were quite low. This time, young people from Kotor and Podgorica took part in the tour, who had the opportunity to learn about this part of our country, about Boka and enjoy a beautiful autumn day. Educational walking tours are conducted as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” implemented by the NGO Our Action and funded through institutional support of the European Endowment for Democracy, and aims to activate as many young people to spend their free time in nature. they not only protect their health but also learn to love and respect their country.


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