Day by the sea – work, education and entertainment for young people

On October 24, the young NGO Our action headed to Kalardovo beach in Tivat. We dedicated this wonderful day to the sea. As soon as we arrived we cleaned the beach and moves from the beach towards the island of Flowers and from the beach towards the airport. After the cleaning action, the last autumn sprint triathlon was held, in which one part of the team provided volunteer support and three of our members, Dejan Besovic, Slavo Bozovic and Dimitrija Vuckovic, took part in the relay. A short break on the beach followed with sandwiches and swimming, and we dedicated the rest of the day to the island of flowers and the Tivat salina, thus crowning this day. We also found bottles, cans and tires in the salina, so we cleaned it during the visit. This day was realized through the project “Youth for a Clean Adriatic” funded by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and through the program “Nature for Physical and Mental Health of Youth” implemented by the NGO Our Action and funded by institutional support European Endowment for Democracy.


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