Beach clean up Buljarica, Budva

On the first day of November, the NGO Our action organized an action of cleaning the beach Buljarica. 24 enthusiastic volunteers from Podgorica, Cetinje, Kotor and Tivat and representatives of the organization p.k. Squirrel and DMAD – Marine mammal research association, as well as other senior citizens, are half-hearted, ie. 1km of beach from a huge amount of waste in 32 large bags and a larger amount of broken beach furniture, pipes and construction materials. A friend of our organization, Rajko Papovic, and his family presented the volunteers with a fantastic meal in the shape of a fish soup, and there was also mulled wine. After the action, the team enjoyed socializing, swimming and making plans for the future, because it is necessary to clean another branch of the beach, which we did not reach in this action. We thank all the volunteers, especially Kirsi Hyvaerinen, the implementer of Green destinations. The action is realized through the project Youth for a Clean Adriatic, which is supported by BeMed and the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, and locally the action would not be possible without the support of JP Morsko dobro.


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