Educational walking tour – Pestingrad and Ivanova korita

Under the expert guidance of the members of the mountaineering club Vjeverica Kotor, the NGO Our action organized an educational walking tour of Pestingrad and Ivanova korita on Sunday, October 18. Twenty young nature lovers headed to this rather difficult and somewhat slippery terrain, and the temperatures on Ivan’s riverbeds were quite low. This time, young people from Kotor and Podgorica took part in the tour, who had the opportunity to learn about this part of our country, about Boka and enjoy a beautiful autumn day. Educational walking tours are conducted as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” implemented by the NGO Our Action and funded through institutional support of the European Endowment for Democracy, and aims to activate as many young people to spend their free time in nature. they not only protect their health but also learn to love and respect their country.


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