Humanitarian action “Benkice for KBC maternity hospital”


From December 21 to 30, the “Ognjen Rakocevic” Foundation, together with the NGO Our action, is organizing a humanitarian action of collecting moles for the maternity hospital in KBC. Anyone who wants to participate can bring their donations to the offices of the NGO Nasa akcija in Njegoseva 9 in Podgorica, on weekdays from 12 to 17 hours.

Young people in arranging new premises of the NGO Nasa akcija

Activity report

In the office, young people are still working on preparing the premises. European endowment for democracy made it possible for us to have a space for 2 years and some furniture, the rest was donated to by our many wonderful friends and supporters of our organization. We are ready for work, education and entertainment of young people.


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Construction of a greenhouse for the Mojkovac community

On Saturday, a young team of volunteers from the NGO Our action headed to the municipality of Mojkovac to support the Paradigm NGO project in the construction of greenhouses and vegetable towers for people in need in this municipality. Tough action at temperatures from zero to -7 was successful and it is our great pleasure to help in this feat. We joined this activity because it fits perfectly with our program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” which is supported by the European endowment for democracy. #novamoba #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureandyouth #Youthmentalhealth

Development of NGO

Activity report

NGO Our action – from now on, in addition to its headquarters in Kotor, it also has offices in Podgorica in Njegoseva 9. Welcome young people. This is your space that was made possible by the European endowment for democracy.

In the past few days, another CV workshop for young people has been successfully realized.

Our action organizes this type of education as part of the program for career guidance and counseling of young people with the support of the European endowment for democracy. We thank all the participants. See you at the next activity. #Europeanendowementfordemocracy #Youtheducation #Education ofYouth #Youthcareerdevelopment #Career Youth Development

Motivation Letter Writing Workshop

NGO Our action continued their career guidance and counseling of young people program with the support of the European endowment for democracy. This time with a focus on writing cover letters. This document, the second most important in addition to the CV for employment applications, and is also required for applications for extracurricular education, Erasmus programs, scholarships and more. Due to the large number of interested people, this workshop will be repeated in January in Podgorica and Kotor. #Europeanendowementfordemocracy #Youtheducation #Education ofYouth #Youthcareerdevelopment #Career Youth Development

NGO Our action commemorated International Volunteer day

International Volunteer Day 2020 Young volunteers of the NGO Our action marked December 5, the International Day of Volunteerism with community work. Namely, 15 young people from our organization responded to the call of the Municipality of Kotor to help the municipal services with decorating for the upcoming holidays, and with a dozen young volunteers from high schools they finished their part of decorating, placed rows of lights on the ramparts and the Citadel and the bridge near the Port and Gurdic bridge.

NGO Our action congratulates all volunteer organizations on their work in building communities and developing volunteerism, and we thank all volunteers for donating their time, enthusiasm, heart and humanity for the betterment of our country, especially in this epidemiological situation. Volunteers are LOVE ON THE MOVE, the foundation of any strong free society, catalysts for change and the direction of a country’s development.

This activity was realized with the support of the Directorate for Construction of Kotor and the Municipality of Kotor, and partly through our program European Endowment for Democracy.


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