NGO Our action commemorated International Volunteer day

International Volunteer Day 2020 Young volunteers of the NGO Our action marked December 5, the International Day of Volunteerism with community work. Namely, 15 young people from our organization responded to the call of the Municipality of Kotor to help the municipal services with decorating for the upcoming holidays, and with a dozen young volunteers from high schools they finished their part of decorating, placed rows of lights on the ramparts and the Citadel and the bridge near the Port and Gurdic bridge.

NGO Our action congratulates all volunteer organizations on their work in building communities and developing volunteerism, and we thank all volunteers for donating their time, enthusiasm, heart and humanity for the betterment of our country, especially in this epidemiological situation. Volunteers are LOVE ON THE MOVE, the foundation of any strong free society, catalysts for change and the direction of a country’s development.

This activity was realized with the support of the Directorate for Construction of Kotor and the Municipality of Kotor, and partly through our program European Endowment for Democracy.


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