Educational hiking tour – canyon Moraca

In observance of World mental health day, NGO Our action realized a educational hiking tour through the magnificent canyon of the river Mrtvica on Sunday, October 11th. About thirty young nature lovers, passed the canyon route for the first time under the watchful eye of guides Stefan Jeremić, Luka Vulić, and Dejan Besović. During the trip, with a few breaks, the young people visited the Gate of Wishes, learned that the river springs under the mountain Sinjajevina and flows into Morača, visited the stone bridge that Prince Danilo II built in the 19th century in honor of his mother, visited the springs “Bijeli nerini”. passed through the beams and paused at the beach itself. The whole educational tour was held in a beautiful autumn setting, which was a special attraction for young people from Kotor, Cetinje, Danilovgrad and Podgorica. This event is implemented as part of the program “Nature for Physical and Mental Health of Youth” implemented by NGO Our Action and funded through the institutional support of the European Endowment for Democracy, and aims to activate as many young people to spend their free time in nature not only for their personal overall health but also to learn to love and respect their country.



As part of the cross-border project “YOUth DRIVE – a program to raise awareness on proper waste management and empowering legislators to act”, funded by the European Union, a workshop “Analysis of the situation and a set of recommendations on waste and pollution in the area of the West Herzegovina County and the Bay of Kotor ”. Patricia Pobrić (NGO Our action from Kotor) and Lucija Kvesić (Association for Development, Environment and Culture EKO ZH from Široki Brijeg) greeted the gathering in front of the project partners, who informed the participants about the results so far. Radoslav Udovicic, an expert in environmental protection, presented the analysis of illegal landfills and waste treatment in three Boka municipalities. Jozo Kolobarić, sociologist and eco activist, spoke about the impact of (un) awareness of citizens on the need for proper waste management with examples of positive practice. In the next two days, similar workshops will be organized in Tivat and Herceg Novi.

Humanitarian at the time of Covid

This October, the small fishing village of Muo got a wonderful new – old fisherman. NGO Our action has been organizing humanitarian actions since the day it was founded on the initiative of its young volunteers. This year, due to the pandemic, as well as due to the general financial situation of the population, our activities have largely stopped. Yet we manage to be creative and continue to help individuals. So this fall and winter, until next spring, we will host the fisherman Serdja in our youth home on Muo, who has been financially impacted by the corona virus pandemic. We hope for him to enjoy our humble and warm home and that our wonderful home will give him the necessary zeal to return to his town when spring is over, and that he gets back on his feet.

NGO Our action celebrating World Animal Day 2020

Youth members of the NGO Our action adopted many animals in the past year, volunteered at the shelter in Podgorica, participated in humanitarian actions to collect donations for dog asylum in Kotor, attended educational workshops on the protection of dolphins and other animals, and volunteered on a donkey farm. We continue to work in this area and raise awareness of the need to protect animals.


Volunteer support to the Association of Gorica lovers

Another wonderful fall day spend by helping park Gorica. With the hosts of the Gorica Lovers Association and members of the NGO Our age, 25 volunteers did a lot cleaning fallen trees and other debris after the past week of bad weather. We thank our young and dedicated members, especially those from Kotor and Cetinje who joined the work on this wonderful morning her in Podgorica. See you at the next action where we will continue to live our slogan “Working today, for a better tomorrow.”


International Coastal Clean Up Day

NGO Our action for the International Coast clean up led an action at the location of the right bank near the coast of Blue Horizons along the road to the fortress Grabovac. The bay at this location had huge amounts of garbage from the sea, which someone once tried to clean a long time ago and then could not get out of the location due to inaccessibility. The young volunteers of our organization were joined by the Association for Research of Marine Mammals from Tivat, the NGO “Center for Affirmation of the RE-Population” from Niksic and the citizens of Tivat. We will not talk about the difficulty of cleaning, the limited and very difficult terrain, and the action that would not be possible without the boats of Montenegro + and Lustica Bay. This year again, NGO Zero Waste Montenegro organized the International Day of Coastal Cleaning in Montenegro, in cooperation with the NGO Our action and under the auspices of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, EU Info Center, Beyond plastic Med and Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco through the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”. At our location, local sponsorship was additionally achieved thanks to the help of Porto Montenegro and the Waste management company of Tivat.


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Training through the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”

This week, NGO Our action marked its work on the project “Youth for a Clean Adriatic” through education. Due to the Covid measures, education was conducted in groups with young people in Podgorica and Kotor. In Kotor, the lecture “Blue Engineers of Montenegro” was given by scientists from the Association for Research on Aquatic Mammals, with which the NGO Our action signed a cooperation agreement, focusing on the economic and ecological importance of dolphins and the impact of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem. The lecture was held in the eco-youth center “Muo house”, which was opened by the NGO Our action at this location in May 2019. In Podgorica, the lecture “Planet without waste” was held by the engineer, permaculture designer and professor at the “Slobodan Skerovic” High School, Aleksandrina Vujacic, with whom two more lectures are planned in cooperation with this project. The wonderful Green Classroom was given to us by friends from the Association of Gorica Lovers.


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Youth work action “Painting and repair of primary school”

After the December and January activities of paining and repairing of primary school Njegos (regional unit Skaljari) through funds obtained through the Upshift workshop, proposed by our young members Dejana Vujkovic, Nadja Srdic and Ivana Rapovac, the last two days we returned to primary school to finish what we started. Namely, in cooperation with the management of the school, and under the leadership of teacher Tanja Lalosevic, the remaining classrooms (7) were painted and thus the complete internal refreshment of this institution was completed. We want to send a message – with funds of about a hundred Euros in material and about 30-40 Euros in refreshments and food for volunteers, much can be done, and many schools in our country are in very poor condition. Let’s not whine, but roll up your sleeves, parents, teaching staff and young people. Let’s refurbish school institutions in our country for a better educational environment for our children. In this school, 15 volunteers, 3 teachers, 1 excellent new caretaker, 1 cleaner did a lot.


NGO Our action in Mreza za mlade CG

Activity report

As one of the founders, our delegate Dejan Besovic participated in the founding session of the assembly #MrežaZaMladeCG. In addition to participating in the establishment of this new alliance of non-governmental organizations that will deal with the implementation of youth policy in Montenegro, our delegate Dejan Besovic was also named President of the Assembly of the Youth Network of Montenegro.

Black Lake xtreme triathlon

Activity report

For the past four days, a small but strong team of our xtreme volunteers (Dejan Besovic, Filip Drobnjak, Slavo Bozovic, Matija Radojevic and Krsto Lalic) has supported the Blacklake xtreme triathlon Montenegro 2020 in Zabljak. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, there are far fewer competitors and even less need for more volunteers, but we hope that next year everything will be in full capacity again. Thank you to the team for their dedication and work. This is always a demanding event but also an amazing experience.