Youth work action “Painting and repair of primary school”

After the December and January activities of paining and repairing of primary school Njegos (regional unit Skaljari) through funds obtained through the Upshift workshop, proposed by our young members Dejana Vujkovic, Nadja Srdic and Ivana Rapovac, the last two days we returned to primary school to finish what we started. Namely, in cooperation with the management of the school, and under the leadership of teacher Tanja Lalosevic, the remaining classrooms (7) were painted and thus the complete internal refreshment of this institution was completed. We want to send a message – with funds of about a hundred Euros in material and about 30-40 Euros in refreshments and food for volunteers, much can be done, and many schools in our country are in very poor condition. Let’s not whine, but roll up your sleeves, parents, teaching staff and young people. Let’s refurbish school institutions in our country for a better educational environment for our children. In this school, 15 volunteers, 3 teachers, 1 excellent new caretaker, 1 cleaner did a lot.