Youth planting action, Basta ekologika

Today, at Basta ekologika n on Mareza the youth planting action was held. Young volunteers planted over 500 grapes of pedunculate oak for the needs of the Montenegrin Society of Ecologists. We then planted 200 seedlings of medunca (whose acorns we collected in December in Herceg Novi) for the needs of the coastal municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, and finally we transplanted 150 seedlings of two-year and three-year seedlings of Trojan, coastal oak and medunca into larger containers. We are grateful to Basti Ekologika for education, invitation and hospitality. We are already looking forward to new activities. This work action was organized within the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and was funded by the European endowment for democracy. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth


Educational walking tour Velje brdo and cave Magara

Although we are not able to leave our cities on weekends, there are many locations in the municipalities that young people are not familiar with. So yesterday, a cheerful group of young people, led by the new executive director of the NGO Our action Dejan Besovic, headed to one such location. It is about Velje brdo on which there is, forgotten by many, the fortress Crvena stijena with an incredible view of Podgorica and its surroundings. Then we headed towards the Mareza cave, at the entrance of which there is a strange stone skull. This educational walking tour for young people is organized as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and is funded by the European endowment for democracy. We consider it extremely important especially in this age of pandemic, isolation, online teaching, stress and general inactivity of young people. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth


English language conversation night

What is it like to be a young executive director of an NGO? Why do you want to leave this country? Do you expect changes in the country with new people at the helm? What do you plan to do next with your career? and much more, were the topics of discussion during the “English Language Chat” led by entrepreneur Danny Canas with young volunteers from the NGO Our action. This is the first chat of this kind and it will be organized every third Friday in the premises of the NGO in Podgorica. The aim of this workshop is to practice conversational English through discussion and sharing the opinions of young people. The chat is part of the education of young people through the program “Career education and employability of young people” which is realized with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy. #Europeanendowmentfordemocracy #Youtheducation #Obrazovanjemladih #Youthcareerdevelopment #Karijernirazvojmladih

Educational documentary film evening

Based on the proposal of our leaders of the youth education team Jane Obradovic and Brajan Martic, an educational documentary film evening was held on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 in the premises of the NGO Our action. The evening was opened by Brian, followed by a screening of David Attenborough’s film: “A life on our planet”. This type of educational program was held with the support of the European endowment of democracy, and this is the first educational film evening in a series planned for the next period. #Europeanendowementfordemocracy #Youtheducation #Obrazovanjemladih #Youthcareerdevelopment