Educational walking tour Velje brdo and cave Magara

Although we are not able to leave our cities on weekends, there are many locations in the municipalities that young people are not familiar with. So yesterday, a cheerful group of young people, led by the new executive director of the NGO Our action Dejan Besovic, headed to one such location. It is about Velje brdo on which there is, forgotten by many, the fortress Crvena stijena with an incredible view of Podgorica and its surroundings. Then we headed towards the Mareza cave, at the entrance of which there is a strange stone skull. This educational walking tour for young people is organized as part of the program “Nature for the physical and mental health of young people” and is funded by the European endowment for democracy. We consider it extremely important especially in this age of pandemic, isolation, online teaching, stress and general inactivity of young people. #NVONasaakcija #NGOOuraction #EuropeanEndowmentForDemocracy #Natureyouth #Youthmentalhealth