Support for the Upshift project for the elementary school “Njegos”, Kotor (part 2)

For the second action in a row volunteers of NGO Our action responded to the call for help to the Upshift project for impovements in elementary school “Njegos” in Skaljari, Kotor. The project is lead by three young ladies Dejana Vukokovic, Nadja Srdic and Ivana Rapovac who together with the school teacher Tanja Lalosevic put together a big works schedule for this day: 1. Painting preparation and the paining of the entire hallway, 2. Paining of the school kitchenet, 3. Paining of remaining doors, 4. Paining of the remaining Gym details, 5. Paining of the base for wall targets, 6. Removing of the adhesive from the previous vitrage, 7. Placement of the new vitrage on the windows. The projects the ladies organized has one more planned activity and that is the delivery of school supplies for the Gym and recreational area for the children and with that the school will not only have gotten a new coat of paint everywhere but also a valuable donation of physical education supplies.