Career counseling and CV workshop, Kotor

On Wednesday, October 9, a workshop for youth “Career counseling and CV workshop” was organized at the NGO Center in Rakite (Kotor), organized by the NGO Our action.
“Young people between the ages of 15 and 30 are increasingly interested in extracurricular education, especially on this topic, which is a normal part of the secondary education system abroad, but unfortunately not in our country. Active engagement of young people in their education, CV writing and motivation letters business and work ethics, personal finance are essential for planning your business career but also for applying for scholarships, projects, EVS and other student exchanges, as well as other youth opportunities. ” says executive director Patricia Pobric.
This is the first in a series of extracurricular educational workshops that NGO Our action has planned for youth in Kotor this school year, based on the needs of young people in a survey conducted last year by NGO Our action. The workshops will be held once a month at the NGO Center in Rakite and will be announced on the Kotor Youth Info Center facebook page as well as other media channels.