Media conference – brand audit report, EU Info Centar, Podgorica

A conference was held today, 30.9.2019 at the EU Info Center in Podgorica, which focused on the results of the actions of the International Day for the Cleaning of the Coasts of Montenegro, as well as a detailed brand audit and analysis collected during this day. The conference began with a performance by an NGO Our Action, entitled “Angry Poseidon”, with which young people, with their creativity, pointed to the problem of plastic pollution. More than 560 volunteers have collected a total of 926 bags of waste and 2️40 car and truck tires. Total weight of waste collected 5940 kg. While the estimated total volume of waste collected is 80.83 m3. “The aim of the action is not just to clean the coasts but to send a clear message – that we must all contribute to the protection of the environment,” said Nadezhda Dramicanin of the EU Delegation. Poseidon, installation of “Jellyfish” made of plastic, as well as coastal clearing and other activities related to the sea. #nekabudecisto #stopplasticpollution #initiativesbemed #montenegro #BeMed #BeMedMontenegro #YouthforacleanAdriatic #MladizacistJadran #NVONasaAkcija #NGOOurAction #Breakfreefromplastic #TrashtagMontenegro #OcistiME #ZeroWasteMontenegro Beyond Plastic Med – BeMed