Volunteer action of afforestation of Grabovac and decorating the walls of the Old Town in Kotor

On Saturday, November 13, volunteers of the NGO Naša akcija supported two actions together with our friends and colleagues from the Youth Team Tivat. The day started with the action of afforestation of Grabovac, which was organized by the Municipality of Tivat. The action was joined by citizens, DVD companies from Tivat and the Protection Service. 150 seedlings of bone and pomegranate were planted in this first planting action. Shortly before noon, we headed to Kotor, where we finished decorating the walls from the summer stage to the Citadel with music, fun and socializing. After 9 hours of work, it was time for fun, and so the team headed to the table tennis tournament held in the local community Gradiošnica. The day was rounded off by the Secretary of Social Affairs, Borka Mršulja, who solemnly presented diplomas to the winners of the tournament.
We realized this activity with the support of the European endowment for democracy through the program “Nature for mental and physical health of young people”.


Boarding games night

Yesterday, instead of afforesting Grabovac due to bad weather, we decided on the Evening of social games! We have completely neglected the rain with Una, Monopoly, Risk … And we are leaving afforestation for the next period, where we will definitely report in time for that activity. Join us This activity is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy.


Survey: needs and wishes of young people in the municipality of Kotor


From July to September, the NGO Naša akcija researched the needs and wishes of young people through a survey of young people aged 15-30 in the entire municipality. The survey focused on youth employability, youth club work, youth interests and knowledge of youth policy, and the results can serve as clear guidelines for further development and improvement of youth policy in our city.
After the survey, a mapping of existing services and programs for young people was also made, and a set of workshops on the topic of digitalization was held.
The conducted research and collected information are very important for the development of the next action plan, and they were submitted to the Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Activities, through which this activity was supported.