Volunteer support UpShift project “For a beautiful Vranjine”

On Saturday, the 28th of April volunteers of NGO Our action assisted in the call for action for the project called “For a beautiful Vranjine” that is being realized thru the UNICEF UpShift program. Finances for this project where awarded to Jana Raičević, Petar Raičević, Isabella Pobric and Lazar Marovic. This, third part of the project, focused on the beautification of the small fishing village by renewing facades and outdoor look of houses in this village whose citizens are primarily socially disadvantaged groups and retirees that suffered allot of damage during this winters and spring floods. The action lasted from 9am until 5pm under a very hot sun, and finished with a refreshing swim in lake Skadar after the action. To all volunteers a great thank you for once again supporting the third activity of the project of these wonderful young leaders, hence making the activity successful.

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