Volunteer support for Ocean Lava Montenegro 2018

From the 11th till the 13th of May NGO Our action (NVO Nasa akcija) supported the Ocean Lava Montenegro 2018 triathlon. Starting from the registration table and informational point, to the refreshment stations, transition zone, traffic control and help around the swimming event and kayaks. in the sun and in the rain, we were there to asset the wonderful Igor and Marija Majer and the rest of the organizational team. Youth volunteers learned new skills, admired and got to know competitors from all corners of the world, and learned how hard it actually is to organizes an event of these proportions, as well as that anything can and will happen and how to solve problems. Without teamwork and flexibility there would be no event. Thanks to all who assisted.

We will see each other next year.

PS. Some photos were taken from the official organizer fb page since we did not have much time for selfies and photos

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