UpShift project “For a more beautiful Vranjine” – part two

The second part of the project “For a more beautiful Vranjine” was realized on Saturday, January 27th. The project is funded thru the UpShift project call, by the very efficient team comprised of Jana Raicevic, Isabella Pobric, Petar Raicevic and Lazar Marovic. The following tasks where competed:

1. Cementing of the basketball stand, as well as installation of boards and basket rims

2. Cleaning of debris brought on by recent higher water levels

3. Marking and painting of the sport field lines

4. Repairing of the large fence surrounding the sports terrain

5. Paining of the benches we had made for the location during the previous activity

6. Marking of the hiking trail from the Vranjine monastery to the top of the

With this the young UpShift team wishes to give its gratitude to the help of all the volunteers of NGO Our action that helped today, as well as the Mountaineering team “Komovi” who marked the trail. Additionally, thanks are extended to the basketball team Golubovci who where send by the municipality to assist with the basketball hoops and terrain completion.

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