Organization of the space for the Children’s Theater Festival and preparation for the BeMed project

Volunteers from the Kotor Festival of Children’s Theater and the NGO Our Action realized a youth working weekend for the design of the space for the upcoming festival. During this two-day activity, the following activities were accomplished: 1. cleaning the workshop, 2. arranging a small info office, 3. arranging and cleaning Nautical workshops for children and children, 4. cleaning and arranging yards for visiting theater and youth, 5. flooded ramparts , 6. planted plants, 7. marketing cavalry set up, 8. banners set up, 9. Fish installation repaired and installed, 10. washed 240 of the 560 chairs used for Kotor Art (the rest will be finished), 11. water donations transferred . We thank all the young people for their hard work and hard work in this action. We also thank Waste management company of Kotor for the expeditious waste relationship we created during the action. Regards to all. Goodbye.


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