NGO Our action part of the Youth council Kotor

NGO Nasa akcija continues to work at the level of youth policy in the municipality of Kotor. After integral work through the project “Education and activism for a more beautiful city and a better future” through which the Local Action Plan for Youth 2020-2021 was compiled, it was finally adopted in the Assembly last month. At the same time, our four-year initiative to open a youth club for young people in the Nautica area is finally being realized. In 2020, we are working hard to achieve the goals of the local action plan through the improvement of youth policy in Kotor, through work in the Youth Council, but also through three projects that have already been approved by international organizations and institutions. Online facebook informant “Info Center for Youth Kotor” will soon have an instagram form in order to inform young people about opportunities, opportunities and other forms of improving the needs of young people. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight our young volunteers who have shown themselves in the past year and contributed to Kotor through humanitarian actions to raise funds for sick children, children with disabilities and improving conditions in OS Njegos in Skaljari through the UpShift project. There are also numerous environmental activities that adorn their work and contribution to the community.