Humanitarian action for the Orbović family

In the past two weeks, we have organized two humanitarian actions to raise funds for a single mother, Oliver Orbović. She lives with her four daughters in Žabljak Crnojević with a monthly income of 120 euros. That is exactly the obstacle to receiving social assistance. Since her husband passed away, Oliver’s already difficult life, due to his illnesses, has become even more difficult. “I was left alone with my children. I am aware that life here is difficult anyway, especially when the children are still raising, “she told PCNEN. Oliver’s only income is 120 euros, her husband’s inherited pension, due to which she cannot receive social assistance or any other from the state. We will keep the Orbović family in mind for the next humanitarian activities, for which we will inform the general public in a timely manner. This action would not be possible without our friends and students from the @ arcadia_academi_montenegro school, as well as the citizens of Tivat. Thanks!