Grabovac planting campaign and visit to Pržna cove

On Saturday, January 29, the NGO Naša Akcija joined its colleagues from the Tivat Youth Club in a planting campaign at the Grabovac location organized by the Municipality of Tivat. In the cold and very strong wind, we planted 150 pomegranates and dogwoods together with other volunteers, most of them from the volunteer fire brigades of Tivat and the Rescue Protection Service, on quite difficult terrain. After the action, we spent the rest of this sunny and beautiful day in the bay of Pržna, the next protected area in the municipality of Tivat.

We implemented this activity as part of the “Nature for the Physical and Mental Health of Youth” program, financed by the European Endowment for Democracy. They would also like to thank the restaurant “Izvor” from Radovići, which rewarded the volunteers with drinks and food after the action.