Educational writing workshop (CV making)

In anticipation of the season, an educational workshop on writing a CV was held.
On April 28, the NGO Naša akcija held another in a series of educational workshops in the Multimedia Hall of the Municipality of Tivat, this time for an enthusiastic team of young people from the newly formed Youth Team Tivat. In anticipation of the season, many young people want to get a job and this workshop prepares them for that. The goal of such and similar activities is to further improve the skills and information of young people on how to advance and direct their careers, how to get a job and / or enroll in foreign universities and scholarships. This workshop is also one of the activities that meet the measures of the Local Action Plan for Youth Tivat 2020-2021.
NGO Naša akcija organized this type of education as part of the program “Career education and employability of young people” with the support of the European endowment for democracy.