Campaign “Fast drive could be Last drive”

Montenegro In celebration of International Youth Day and in order to mark this day with a relevant topic for young people in Montenegro, the NGO Our action decided to focus on what is most endangering young people at the moment and what is little talked about – and that is traffic safety. The “Fast drive could be Last drive” campaign aims to raise awareness of the alarming situation on our roads regarding the devastating number of young people killed or injured in traffic accidents. The campaign focused on young people who wanted to send messages to their peers and create a promotional video with them that would send a message to the public. Join the campaign and post a picture on social media with #Fastdrivelastdrive. More than 12 media channels have already joined to announce our campaign. Be a part of it. We thank all the young people who took part from various organizations, cities, etc., and especially the group Who See for donating the song “Put Pasat”.