Coastal and bay clean-up on Earth day, Kotor 2019

On Saturday, the 20th of April 2019 in honor of Earth day, NGO Our action organized a coastal and bay clean-up event in the town of Kotor. The action included the are from the main police station to the main beach, all rain water channels going into the sea that are full of plastic, the river Skurda and well of Gurdic. In the project youth of the north of Montenegro, from NGO Euromost where included in order to raise awareness and participate in the clean-up. Other local partner organizations where: NGO Koltrina, the Cultural center “Nikola Djurkovic”, the tourist company of Kotor, the Kotor children’s festival, mountaineering club Vjeverica, and the Triathlon club Kotor. Assisting us in the activity was the Waste management company of Kotor, Kotor bay company with kayaks, and Rogan fruit with food and refreshments. The activity was partially funded by the JU Morsko dobro and partially by the BeMed foundation thru the project “Youth for a clean Adriatic”. This is the second clean-up activity within the project. The goal is an active, participative approach to raising awareness for a plastic free Mediterranean sea. 120 bags of trash was collected including fishing gear and netting, plastic and wooden beach furniture, and much more. We thank all the volunteers, participants, donors and sponsors for their support and participation. #BeMed #BeMedMontenegro #YouthforacleanAdriatic #MladizacistJadran #NVONasaAkcija #NGOOurAction #Breakfreefromplastic #TrashtagMontenegro #TOKotor #KulturniCentarNikolaDjurkovic #JUMorskoDobro #DanPlaneteZemlje #EarthDay #KotorBay #OcistiME


Humanitarian musical evening for baby Melek

On Friday the 19th of April youth volunteers of NGO Our action organized a humanitarian musical evening for baby Melek on the main square in Podgorica. Leading the organization of this event was logistics manager Jana Raicevic. 754 Euros was collected for the child, as it needs immediate surgery/transplantation in Italy since she was born without some vital organs. More activities will be organized in other towns and at high schools all across Montenegro. Donations can also be me made ono their bank account 510 170 496 245 000 944 in the name of Enver Agusevski. Thank you to all who helped in the organization and donated for this baby.

Volunteers of NGO Our action visited the Retirement home in Bijelo Polje

Volunteers of NGO Our action visited the Retirement home in Bijelo polje on Saturday, March 23rd and spend the day with the senior citizens of the home. This is our yearly traditional visit to the home and it is a true pleasure for the residence as well as our volunteers to spend time together talking, laughing and reminising. NGO Our action signed a agreement of cooperation with the home already in 2017 and this way we are also getting people from Kotor and Bijelo Polje together. The agreement focuses on a better environment and living conditions for retirees which is something in prevous years we work on together by cleaning and planting the area around the home.