Youth educational camp Ponte Veslo

On Friday, September 21st and Sunday, September 23th, the NGO Our action organized an educational camp for young people in Ponte Veslo. The aim of the camp was to encourage young people to develop tools through cooperation, joint problem solving, brainstorming, reflecting on problems and solutions in activities carried out in previous years, and further life planning of young people as well as organizational planning for the improvement of local communities. During the camp, the open-air workers were held at the campsite, and the CV was finished. Of course there was time for swimming, jumping, diving, enjoying nature, sunsets and sunsets. The highlight of the weekend was a kayak tour with Camp Oars to Blue Caves. This camp is the last volunteer activity for our NGO, implemented as part of the STRONGO project Contribution to the development of a stronger civil society in Boka bay. The project was approved through the EU Program IPA 2014 Civil Society Facility Montenegro. The leading partner in the StroNGO project is Expeditio, while the other partners are four organizations from the Boka bay area: “Our Action” from Kotor, “Urban Nova” from Herceg Novi, Cultural-Homeland Association “Napredak” Gornja Lastva from Tivat and “Agora” from Budva. The project will last 35 months. . #NVONasaAkcija #NGOOurAction #StroNGO

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