Workshop: Healthy relationships.

Through the program “Life Skills” funded by the European endowment for democracy, the NGO Naša akcija in cooperation with the NGO Prima held a workshop on “Healthy Relationships” for the youth of Kotor and Tivat at the Youth Club Kotor.
The workshop focused on issues such as:
Is this love or fear of loneliness?
How do I know he loves me, and how do I know if he loves me too?
What is ok and what is not ok in a relationship?
How do I show love and does the loved one experience it that way?
Is my partner showing me love in the right way?
Your I in a relationship
Love is also belonging, where should individuality be preserved? i
Do you distinguish love from possessiveness ?.

In addition to the workshop, this activity provided an opportunity for young people from Tivat to visit and see the Kotor Youth Club and socialize with their peers in the area. For young people, mobility, socializing and exchanges are rare in this age of pandemics, but the possibility of connecting young people in this way in the Youth Spaces is a real opportunity that our NGOs plan to continue to use.