Promotion of volunteerism

Promotion of volunteerism and surveys in order to map the needs of young people in the municipality of Kotor On Sunday, July 11, young NGO Our Action dedicated a day at the Youth Club Kotor to the promotion and importance of volunteerism for the development and life of young people in our municipality. Lectures and presentations were held in the full hall of the club, and in front, at the stand of our organization, promotional flyers were distributed, which include the benefits of volunteering for a young person. At the same time, the project coordinator Dejana Vujković compiled a survey for young people in order to map and define their needs and generally improve youth policy in the municipality of Kotor. So far, 30 young people have completed the survey. We invite young people aged 15 to 30 to join and give us their opinion and contribution in the desire to improve the conditions for young people in the city, with a special emphasis on suburban areas. The survey can be found at –…/1FAIpQLSc4Kri7CRvGHh…/viewform. With the completed survey, we plan to perform a detailed needs analysis and publish the opinion of young people.