New installations set up on Long beach, Ulcinj

NGO Our action attended a promotion on the occasion of the completion of activities on the first rehabilitation of sand dunes in Montenegro at the location Europe beach on Long beach in Ulcinj, organized by the Public Company for Management of Marine Assets of Montenegro. Our young members won third place in a public call for artists and NGOs to create and set up art installations made from natural and processed wood collected during beach cleaning actions. Installations “Medusa” and “Cancer” were made by volunteers of the NGO Our action (from 13 to 20 years old) in several actions. The project “WELCOME” (WatEr LandsCapes sustainability thrOugh reuse of Marine littEr – Sustainability of water landscapes with the reuse of marine litter), which is implemented under the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro, aimed at sustainable marine litter management as and to strengthen cross-border cooperation, all with the aim of solving the problem of waste from the sea, which is increasingly pronounced in this area. The activities of this project are focused on the removal of waste from beaches, monitoring of waste from the sea as well as the restoration and protection of sand dunes using wood waste collected from beaches. Public Company for Marine Asset Management of Montenegro and the University of Montenegro – Institute of Marine Biology, participate in the implementation of the project “WELCOME” in cooperation with partners from Italy and Albania. To the young volunteers of the NGO Our action, this is the third year in which they focus on raising public awareness about waste in the sea and the need to protect the sea through art installations, from making the installation “Skeleton whale” of 8.5m which was used as a musical instrument during the closing of KotorArt In 2018, the realization of the project ‘Youth for a Clean Adriatic’ with the installations “Dragon of Gurdić” and “Plastic Jellyfish” for the Kotor Children’s Theater Festival, and “Angry Poseidon” for the Kotor Summer Carnival 2019, and so on until this project. For the summer of 2020, this team of young people has hinted at new installations that will soon adorn the squares of Kotor and Herceg Novi.