Ecological clean-up action, roads to Troice, Kotor/Tivat (Feb. 3rd, 2019)

On Saturday, February 3rd NGO Our action joined by volunteers from the mountaineering club “Vjeverice” and Montenegro + company organized the ecological clean-up action and cleaning of the roads to Troice, in the municipality of Kotor and Tivat. The stretches of road that where cleaned are:

1. Road from Jugodrvo to Troica,

2. Road from the Kotor/Tivat/Budva circle to the tunnel

3. Road from Troice to the dug up road to Gradiosnica

4. Road from Troica to Kotor This action was initiated by a wonderful gentlemen Sergej Gron who lives in Kavac and who is one of the wonderful foreigners that have move to our country and are aware of our environmental issues especially in the UNESCO protected Bay of Kotor.

Additionally the Montenegro + volunteers where foreign national as well. We collected around 18 m3 of waste from this area mainly plastic bags and plastic bottles that so much accumulate in our countryside

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