CV workshop and annual results

The first week of december we organized the last of our CV workshop for the year 2019 which include carrier counseling. Ten new youth volunteers completed the training course and had the opportunity to talk to youth about how they found a job and about their first employment experiences. . In 2019 NGO Our action had 10 workshops to assist youth to achieve gainful employment. Additionally we held workshops on “Effective time management”, “Volunteering and your career” with a total over over 133 in attendance. Furthermore 64% of youth in our NGO from 16 to 22 years of age already had their first work exeriences, older volunteer with already some experience under their belts, and this year 40% of new members of age 16 to 18 where seasonally gainfully employed and in this way where able to assist their families finances by paying for their universities, excursions, prom and other costs. In 2020 additional value added outside of school education will be added.