Direct conversation with employers, KIK

Finished the interview with the employer in Kotor!

Through the Career Info Corner (KIK) project, we organized direct conversations with employers in the municipality of Kotor, where we had the opportunity to discuss positions at the Blue Bay Kotor Hotel, employment methods, and positions suitable for people interested in seasonal as well as permanent employment. We expect that ex


👉 The project is implemented as part of the Capacity Building Program of civil society organizations for piloting innovative solutions for improved employment and employability of young people from vulnerable groups (NEET).

🔵The WB&T for #EmploYouth project is led by 🇲🇪#NVOPRIMA,

🇷🇸 @fondacijadivac,

🇲🇰 @youth_alliance_krusevo ,

🇹🇷 @togvakfi,

🇦🇱 @partnersalbania with the support of the European Union 🇪🇺.