River clean-up action, Ribnica

On the 10th of November, under very poor weather conditions, we managed to organize the river Ribnica clean-up action. The action was joined by our partner organization the kayak club “Podgorica” and the Podgorica Waste management company. We have managed to collect 30 bags of waste and a decent amount of larger waste items such as chairs and paint cans. Since the recent flooding and coastal bad weather brought a lot of plastic and other waste to the beaches and river banks, we are calling for all organizations, willing volunteer, citizens and the waste management companies to have actions to clean the accumulations. Additionally we sincerely thank all volunteers who helped during this action in the cold, wind and rain. . #budiprimjer #NVONasaakcija #NGOOurAction #MladizacistJadran #YouthforacleanAdriatic