NGO Our action continued with activities for young people in 2022

Traditional NGO After a short holiday break, our action started the new year with a workshop for strategic planning for NGO work in 2022, as well as setting personal goals for young members. Also, traditionally for the month of January, part of the activities moved to the field, i.e. to the location of the Muo youth educational center, where preparatory work has begun in the garden as well as in the building. The works, which have been going on for a week, were briefly interrupted by the action of collecting acorns, where we joined our friends from the Tivat Youth Team in order to create an oak nursery for the municipalities of Tivat and Kotor.
For the rest of January, walking tours, visits and education about Boka’s cultural heritage, planting and cleaning actions, as well as visits to our friends and partners in the north of Montenegro are planned.
All these activities are part of the program “Nature for the mental and physical health of young people” as well as the life skills development program implemented by the NGO Naša Akcija with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy.