Volunteer support for “Udruzenju ljubitelja Gorice

On Sunday, 28th of January NGO Our action supported the “Udruženja ljubitelja Gorice i prirode” in the realization of their first activity in 2018, on mount Gorica in Podgorica, where the 1st “Mediterranean garden” is planned. Our team showed up in larger numbers to assist in clearing the location of debris, branches and other items. As always, it is our great pleasure to work with this organization, and assist other NGO’s and organization in the actualizations of project for the betterment of local communities.

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UpShift project “For a more beautiful Vranjine” – part two

The second part of the project “For a more beautiful Vranjine” was realized on Saturday, January 27th. The project is funded thru the UpShift project call, by the very efficient team comprised of Jana Raicevic, Isabella Pobric, Petar Raicevic and Lazar Marovic. The following tasks where competed:

1. Cementing of the basketball stand, as well as installation of boards and basket rims

2. Cleaning of debris brought on by recent higher water levels

3. Marking and painting of the sport field lines

4. Repairing of the large fence surrounding the sports terrain

5. Paining of the benches we had made for the location during the previous activity

6. Marking of the hiking trail from the Vranjine monastery to the top of the

With this the young UpShift team wishes to give its gratitude to the help of all the volunteers of NGO Our action that helped today, as well as the Mountaineering team “Komovi” who marked the trail. Additionally, thanks are extended to the basketball team Golubovci who where send by the municipality to assist with the basketball hoops and terrain completion.

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Volunteer support for the Kotor winter carnival

NGO Our action was called upon to once again provide volunteer assistance in the organization of the traditional Kotor winter carnival.

20 volunteers are needed on the 11th of February for assistance in a variety of jobs and elements to support the event realization to this very important happening in our city.

The organizer of the carnival is the Cultural center “Nikola Djurkovic”, and co-organizer is the Tourist organization Kotor, under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Kotor.


Workshop “My CV and my right move”

On Sunday, the 21st of January the third in a row of workshop was held at the Youth development center in Podgorica on the subject of “My CV and my right move”. The workshop focused on CV/biography writing, followed by carrier counseling and carrier choices, preparation for job searches as well as other elements needed to get hired, from the viewpoint of the employer. Additionally, we talked about the need for a CV/biography for applying for grants, contests, and other opportunities for youth. Youth coordinators from our NGO assisted new members in the CV writing process.

Worshop “My 1st CV and my 1st right move”

On Sunday at 18:00, in the Youth Development center Bastion (across from the railroad station) in Podgorica, our third workshop on the subject of “My 1st CV and my 1st right move” will be held for high school and university students, and other interested citizens. The workshop will focus on CV/resume writing, followed by carrier advice and discussion on choices, preparation for job search and what elements are important from the standpoint of employer. RSVP in time via out fb page or our mail address nasaakcija@gmail.com since space is limited. As all good student do, bring pencil and paper. Bringing your own laptops would be preferred if available.

Educational visit to the Cijevna river canyon

One of the priorities of NGO Our action is educating our volunteers about the natural heritage and beauty of our homeland, as well as educating regarding freedom of movement and youth mobility. On Sunday, 14th of January we to took the opportunity to travel by car and bike to the Ciievna canyon, and show our new members from Podgorica and Budva the beautiful Niagara falls.


Jelena lost her life, and we our conscience!!! #RockBottom #DnoDna

Youth from all across Montenegro showed their dissatisfaction and shock regarding the sudden death of the toddler Jelena due to the slow and irresponsible social services and institutions that are not assisting the ever growing number of families that live in poverty. These type of tragedies especially because of mistakes are unacceptable in a country that calls itself a democracy.

Meeting for parents and friends of NGO Our action

On Friday, the 15th of December, in the Youth center in Podgorica, by the request of youth members, the first meeting for parents and friends of NGO Our action was held.  Youth speakers chose their activities to present with a complete retrospective of our achievements, completed projects and all that was learned in 2017.  Following this our director Patricia Pobric presented plans and strategies for 2018.  After the official part of the evening, all present where able to enjoy food prepared by youth.

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Volunteering – South East Europe Championship in Orienting

NGO “Naša akcija” had the honor to be invited to assist the Orientating Union of Montenegro for the organization of the South East European Championship in Orienting, which was held from August 23 to 27 at Zabljak. In these activities, our team is well-established, and we are glad to support the organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and nature. Logistics is not easy, but the team of Orienting Alliance of Montenegro did an excellent job. Volunteers from Berane, Rozaje and BijeloPolje also joined us.


In addition to working / volunteer activities, our team visited Žabljak and two surrounding lakes, enjoyed camping, nature, socializing and logos fire. Two volunteers in our team ,Dejan Besovic and Filip Drobnjak ,were also competitors, and volunteers Dragoljub DagiScekic, PetarRaicevic, Jana Raicevic, Gabriela Pobric, Sava Buljancevic and VasoUskokovic also expressed their desire to test their skills in this discipline, and they all managed to successfully finish the path.


We done, seen, learned and experienced a lot, a lot of tolerance, teamwork, flexibility, and new friendships and volunteers have been acquired. All in all, a fantastic success –and thanks for everything to the team from the Alliance along with Stefan Jeremić and Luka Vulić. We will always be happy to respond to activities, and we hope that we have created new future representatives in this discipline for Montenegro.

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Volunteer camp – Restructuring of Španjola fortress


From 31st of  July to 3rd of August, NGO’s „Našaakcija“ team of high schoolers joined the project started by NGO „Sinergija“ from Herceg Novi. Project „Volunteer camp – Restructuring of Španjola fortress“that was supported by FAKT’s  „Civil action“, started two months ago. By the words of organizer „with help of the young volunteers, project showed serious results and condition of the fortress was improvedsignificantly“. This was a real test of responsibility and maturity for our team of high schoolers because this was the first time for them to carry multi-day project on their own, without adult’s supervision.

This challenge was given to them because of our wish to create capable youth, future leaders that are learning on the field, and this team of 13 guys and girls finished this project with success, even though this location was unknown and challenging for them. We are proud of our team and all people at the camp. We own a big thanks to NGO „Sinergija“ for their hospitality and realization of a great project. You can follow up with new events that are part of this project on https://www.facebook.com/spanjola.fest/.

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